I have just finished the manufacture of a Micro-Movie

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  • October 24, 2015

Well first of all:

Every single word of this essay is written by heart

I have paid thousands of hours into the prototype of this micro film, and as the first production of mine, i consider it as a good work.

I am not familiar with 'After Effects' and 'Adobe Premiere' before, but after learning by myself, it have a big progress, and skills are always useful under many circumstance.

The director of this Micro Movie is CaoXiaoYi who is a pretty girl, i like her very much although she was not playing an important role in the crew, she paid a lot to result too.

During the manufacturing process,  every second of the process is amazing, fantastic, dramatic,  and i swear it is gonna be one of the best memory of my life.

Now we are going to be separated by 'Distribution Program Of Classes' and we are so sad, and in order to leave no pity, we decided to upgrade the movie, i am very happy because it is going to be finished in short, it is very hard to describe such a wonderful experience with words.

At the same time, I have some thoughts about the character 'worker'

'Workers' always work at the backend and devote themselves silently, they produce benefit for the whole team and is one of the most valuable members of the crew. However assume that the benefit they have made was with their heart and soul but they will never get a chance to come up to stage and receive the prizes that belong to them. The leader of the team will stand for everyone to get the prizes.

The opinion of me is it is not fair at all. The 'worker' should be invited to the stage instead of only getting a 'thank you' and money but nothing else ! Money becomes the only standard that used to measure their effort and success ! This is not only a Chinese problem, it is a global's problem. So i will never get content with being a 'worker', i need to upgrade myself and create my own group and lead them to the stage of success !


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